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Yes. They’re all certified and possess all relevant educational qualification based on their respective area of expertise. In addition, many of them are also highly experienced with relevant experience acquired in Malaysia and internationally.

CareConsult is a web-based software developed to allow patients to make tele appointments, perform basic triage online and consult with our consultants. Our quality certified GP doctors, dietitians and mental health consultants will then call you to conduct tele-consultation (Default would be voice call but video supported if required – remember to tell your doctor/consultant). Once you are a subscriber to our packages (Malaysia or Causeway), you enjoy unlimited tele-health consultations with our consultants. However, medications, supplements and delivery are charged separately.

CarePartners is an unique offering for Carepool Asia users to subscribe easily to our quality partners services which include professional service, healthcare, financial wellness and many more. Theese partners are curated as their offering complement Carepool Asia and help build an exciting digital health ecosystem within Carepool Asia!

CareShop is specially developed for Carepool Asia users to purchase variety of medical devices and products for their entire family at attractive prices. Our medical devices/products are also selected to help you to access/complement tele-health at the convenience of your own home. Let's democratize tele-health together with Carepool Asia!

Yes, you can. Our Carepool platform is mobile friendly hence, you can book appointments, conduct online triage, consult with our GP doctors/dietitians, access specialist search/recommender and medical concierge from your mobile device.

It's very simple, intuitive and mobile friendly. Go to our homepage at www.carepool.asia and click on "Watch Video" in the top banner to see how CareConsult works.

Appointment confirmation will be sent to you via email. Once a health/medical consultant accepts your appointment, another appointment acceptance email will be sent to you to confirm

Our webinars are presented by our multi-disciplinary team of consultants (GP doctors, dietitians and mental health consultants). We organize that from time to time so remember to signup for FREE at www.carepool.asia to get priority access

Yes, you may. Once you logged in, you can arrange appointment by selecting the consultant of your choice. However, this is subject to the consultant availability.

Unlike insurance provider that focuses on life insurance, critical illness and on-site patient consultations, Carepool Asia offering focuses on multi-disciplinary tele-health that allows patients from families/companies to enjoy access to high quality GP doctors, dietitians and mental health consultants from anywhere. In fact, our offering supplement insurance thus provide additional value to families/business.

For majority of diet and mental health issues/conditions, we're confident that Carepool Asia are able to help our patients whether they're from a family and/or a company. On medical cases, we have done extensive research and we're confident that at least 20% of typical on-site GP visits can be done remotely and safely via Carepool Asia multi-disciplinary tele-health service. Last but not least, we're also exploring an omnichannel approach to serve our customers better so stay tuned!

The reason is because CareConsult has additional features for business which may not be applicable or relevant for a family. For example, our CareConsult for business allows supplementary account creation where the account holder can request for supplementary accounts to be created which has limited access (Only can view patient and can't add) compared to the account holder.

The "Ask A Question" feature allows users to ask a question to our consultant for a fee. Note that this service is only available to those who have subscribed to our Carepool Asia packages. The availability of the doctors to answer your question is reflected in the "Ask A Question" feature.

Yes, we are able and we work with several partners regarding this if this is required. Do enquire with our GP doctors onboard to help you accordingly. Do note however there may be location restrictions as that depends on the blood lab locations that we partner with.

Business Account Admin is typically the human resource lead who handles the company employee well-being. Supplementary account is employee of the company. Business account admin is able to add/manage patients, handle payment methods and manage the business account on high level. The supplementary account can only view and use their account to conduct tele-health consultations.

Yes, this is in the pipeline. Soon, patients or caregivers of patients can conveniently consult with a nurse and request home nursing services via Carepool Asia digital health platform. Remember to sign up at https://carepool.asia/register to get started now.

Our medical doctors are able to provide online medical certificate on a case-to-case basis as this depends on the clinic he/she is from and whether the medical doctor is able to exercise good judgement to provide online medical certificate to patient. Carepool Asia advocates "preventive approach" to health hence, we advise patients to seek tele-health consultation with a medical doctor/consultant soonest when there are symptoms. This would minimize the probability of the patient getting sick at the first place and/or improve patient recovery rate.

Carepool Asia provides all the required medications and supplements upon advise by our consultants. However, the charges together with the delivery are charged separately.

Yes, your subscription will be renewed automatically if it's not cancelled. Upon cancellation of the package, the user is subject to payment of the remaining amount of the contract with no penalty fees. This can be done easily by the user via the system

Malaysia package covers on-demand tele-health consultation with GP doctors, dietitian and mental health whilst international package covers only mental health and dietitian consultations. Malaysia package can only be subscribed by families and businesses based in Malaysia whilst international package can be subscribed by any family and business outside of Malaysia.

Starter package is a 1-month renewable contract whilst ultimate is a 3-month renewable contract. Both Malaysia and International packages have both starter and ultimate packages. Note that there's no cancellation/penalty fee when cancelling your subscription. You just need to pay the remaining duration of your contract. For example, if you sign-up for Malaysia ultimate package in 1st June 2021 and cancel your subscription on 1st July 2021, you just need to pay for the remaining contract until 1st Sept 2021. There will be no penalty/cancellation fee applicable.

Yes, we do. Our doctors can also prescribe chronic illness medications if required. The medication and delivery are charged separately.

Yes, our certified dietitians can prescribe supplements as well if required after the consultation. The supplements and delivery are charged separately.

Go to our homepage at www.carepool.asia and scroll down to see the list of most common acute and chronic illnesses that we cover.

We have a team of psychologists and psychiatrists. Our psychiatrists can prescribe suitable medications after the tele-health consultation. However, if you speak with our psychologist and he/she suggest a medication, we suggest a follow-up with our psychiatrist to prescribe that medication for you. The medications and delivery are charged separately.

Corporate Employee Sharing Program is designed for businesses ideally for companies with minimum 50 employees. Its purpose is to allow employers to subsidize/offer their valued employees subscription to Carepool Asia whilst outsourcing the management to Carepool Asia givng you piece of mind. Learn more about this innovative, flexible, comprehensive and win-win program (For both employers and employees) at https://www.carepool.asia/plans/corporate

Please add more users into your plan. You can do so by logging in and go to your “Subscriptions” section and add user. By adding more users, you will get higher entitlement for your usage. You are also free to use up all your entitlement by one user in the subscription.

Yes, all our plans can cover your entire family. You can add unlimited number of patients in your subscription. However, you will need to meet the consultations and questions entitlement as part of your subscription. You can also add additional consultations and questions ad-hoc into your subscription anytime as well.

That’s great to hear! You can drop an email to admin@carepool.asia and we will get back to you very soon to explore if we can work together!

Sure we look forward! You can drop an email to admin@carepool.asia or use the customer support form under “Support”. We will look into your issues and reply to you within 1-2 working days.

Definitely! Drop us a line at contact us under product support. Alternatively, go to Carepool Asia Facebook page and click BOOK NOW icon to arrange a session to speak with us. Remember to like our Facebook page too to stay tuned for the latest updates/developments.

Carepool Asia founding team consists of dynamic multi-disciplinary professionals with extensive experience (More than 150 years) in area of technology, product development, project management, commercial/strategy and medical/health. Additionally, our GP doctors, dietitians and mental health consultants are certified professionals with not only the relevant qualifications but, are highly competent in their areas of practice. Feel free to go to www.carepool.asia/about to review our qualified team and this is expected to change from time to time as we grow. Feel free to check out our "Learn" page to learn what we do as well!

Sure, we look forward to hearing from you. Drop us an email at admin@carepool.asia and we will get back to you soon! :)

Yes, we do. Drop us a message at Support section or email admin@carepool.asia. We will get back to you on the details of the program and how you can be part of it!

Sure! Go to https://carepool.asia/contact-us to drop us a line under "Partnership Interest" and let's talk!

Sure. Drop us an email at admin@carepool.asia or alternatively, drop us a message via our CONTACT US page. We would love to hear more and grow together for the long term!