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How to future health-proof your company, post Covid-19?

Contributed by: Alex Lee, Founder/CEO

Since the early 2000’s, the world has witnessed rapid digital transformation in many key sectors including banking, retail, transportation and of late, healthcare. This transformation inevitably has changed the physical workplace and how we work. Gone are the days where employees handle huge amount of physical paperwork in their respective jobs, work a strict 9am – 5pm on-site without any questions asked or human resource’s only role is to handle the payroll of their employees. Due to the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, another round of transformation is happening at the workplace where inaction by employers may result in employers being left behind in an increasingly competitive digital environment. This is very critical where human capital is now pre-requisite for survivability.

One key area changing the workplace is employee wellbeing and digital healthcare. In the past, employee healthcare and wellbeing initiatives are focused on one area but, increasingly employees are expecting more holistic digital approaches. According to a US based healthcare risk management consulting company, McClone, among the top 5 employee benefits desired by employees are tele- health/virtual care, mental health, and financial health/well-being solutions. Clearly, these employee benefits are different from the typical cookie-cutter healthcare solutions offered by employers in the past. Whilst some of the past healthcare solutions are still relevant, there’s an urgent need to complement these with other forward looking employee benefits.

Carepool Asia truly advocates a workplace that’s not just digitally ready but a workplace that’s able to provide holistic well-being and healthcare programs to their employees. The motivations for this are aplenty i.e. ensuring healthier employees, increase talents acquisition/retention, improve employee morale and reducing healthcare cost per employee over the long term. These benefits although do not directly impact the financials, can improve the bottom line of the company over time. In fact, in addition to satisfying investors’ expectations, Carepool Asia digital health solutions is also good for the environment as it advocates less on-site trips to your medical consultants. For many large corporates, this prove to be an important salient benefit especially for those companies that believe in ESG (Environment, Sustainability and Governance).

How do you as a business owner, entrepreneur, HR professional and/or talent acquisition professional start with us, you may curiously ask? Fortunately, our innovative SaaS based multi- disciplinary tele-health solution is simple, flexible, and affordable to subscribe.

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