Let us PERSONALIZE your Corporate Primary Care Telehealth Plan
Healthier, Happier employees
Increase Talent Retention
Reduce healthcare costs
Improve employees’ morale

Do you require on-site caregiver/nursing support services for your valued employees at their homes?
Do you require on-site primary health support at your company premise (Family Doctors, Dietitians and/or Mental Health)?

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  • Monthly subscription covers up to 2 primary care tele-health consultations to any experienced family doctor (15 minutes), dietitian and mental health consultant (30 minutes – 45 minutes)
  • Monthly subscription purchased has no expiry date and unused subscriptions can be carried forward to next year. The more monthly subscriptions purchased each time, the lower the unit cost
  • Business/Employers can request top-up of monthly subscriptions by requesting via Contact Us page. Monthly subscriptions must be topped once 20% of quota remaining (Notification will be send to company)
  • Caregivers/nursing and on-site primary healthcare support can be provided on-demand and separately