Let us PERSONALIZE your Corporate Primary Care Telehealth Plan
Healthier, Happier employees
Increase Talent Retention
Reduce healthcare costs
Improve employees’ morale

*Company/employer can also buy additional monthly subscriptions on-demand with 2 weeks notice to Carepool Asia. There's no expiry date for the monthly subscriptions purchased. Each monthly subscription entitled the user to 2 months consultations and 2 professional Q&A (User can also buy additional consultations and questions separately)

**Company/employer can also dynamically set the number of months for the tele-health subscription provided for their employees/users before it auto cancels (If required) and time duration before the user can resubscribes again.

Estimate Upfront Payment - RM/year OR US$/year

Estimate Total Savings - RM/year OR US$/year

*Note this is ESTIMATE ONLY and the proposal will be finalized upon further discussion with you/your company representative. Our tele-corporate health subscription covers your employees' entire family.

*Annual cost savings is calculated by by comparing a typical primary care consultation costs (Family Doctor + Dietitian + Mental Health) for a family of 4 per year in Carepool Asia compared to other conventional providers

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